The Feedback Genie Story

Every K-12 student in America receives a progress report which often includes symbols that indicate how well a student is performingletter grades, numbers or checkmarks. In addition, many schools require teachers to author narrative evaluations.  But let's face it, no teacher has ever enjoyed writing narrative evaluations. It's a tedious, time-consuming and stressful task. However, this duty simply comes along with the territory.



This story begins with Brian Woods who taught at the elementary, middle and high school levels and was required to write narrative progress reports several times each year.  Faced with impending deadlines and dozens of narratives to compose, Brian frequently encountered writer's block. It wasn't so much he didn't know what to say, but struggled with the right way to say it. To help overcome this, Brian sought comments from books and online resources. To his surprise, he discovered these resources were not entirely helpful:


• The majority of comments focused on behavior and personality traits

• Comments were geared towards primary grade students

• Academic comments were rarely organized by grade or subject

• Suggestions often lacked introductory or follow-up examples

• Comments offering varying achievement levels were difficult to find



After a while, Brian started creating his own comments and tweaking those he gathered from other places.  He saved these comments in a word processing document on his computer, arranging them according to achievement. Remarkably, this didn't make writing progress reports any faster or easier.  Even though Brian had plenty of comments to express his ideas, he still had to scroll through pages of saved comments, searching for the most appropriate ones.  Beyond that he then had to toggle back and forth between different computer programs performing multiple copy/paste jobs. Of course, student names had to be changed as well as all the pronouns to match the gender.  Whether Brian composed narratives from scratch or copied/pasted his way to a complete narrative it was a tiresome task.  Either way it meant setting aside an entire weekend at the end of each reporting period.   



Brian was determined to develop a better way to make this task faster and easier.  With nearly two decades of teaching experience and a Master's degree in Educational Technology he set out to to create a revolutionary softwarethe first in a new genre.  After years of research and development, Feedback Genie was born. This new software helps teachers author professional progress reports in a natural writing style yet cuts the time by two-thirds!  The first iteration of Feedback Genie was a successful proof of concept. Since then Brian has consulted with dozens of seasoned educators to better understand their individual needs as well as the schools they serve.  The upcoming version of Feedback Genie will feature numerous enhancements: a more modern design, increased functionality, better communication tools, robust analytic tools, and improved security. 



If you've ever wondered if there's a better way, Feedback Genie is the answer.  Eliminate writer’s block, reduce stress and compose narrative reports in a fraction of the timeso you can enjoy doing more of what you really want. Discover why Feedback Genie is so amazing.


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