Why Feedback Genie? 



More and more schools are turning to narrative feedback. Why?  Studies have shown that feedback is arguably the most powerful aspect of teaching and learning.  Second, parents increasingly want more feedback on how their children are doing in school. Educators are also starting to realize the downside of grades and generic phrases.



When you think about it, grades are convenient measuring tools, but they offer little insight into a student’s specific strengths or deficiencies.  Furthermore, grades provide little if any direction for moving forward. Nowadays, many computerized reporting systems present teachers with the option of including generic phrases such as "Frequently talks in class" or "Needs to bring materials to class".  Generic phrases such as these yield limited benefits to students and parents because they’re often what students already know. More importantly, generic comments fail to address students' understanding of subject matter.



Realize a teacher’s class time is precious, so the amount of one-on-one verbal feedback is limited. In fact, studies show that individual feedback can be measured in just seconds per day. Until now, the drawback of individual written feedback has been that it's a time-consuming process. With the release of Feedback Genie, this claim is obsolete. Quality feedback targets individual needs and shares specific ideas to help the student maximize his/her learning potential. And good feedback is ongoing and frequent rather than being limited to 2-3 progress reports per year.  



Feedback Genie was designed to improve teacher-parent communication.  Feedback Genie certainly helps teachers compose narratives for progress reports.  It also helps teachers create timely and ongoing deliverables (text messages, emails or printed feedback) so students and their parents get individual feedback when a task is still fresh in the student's mindnot just at the end of a term. Unlike your typical letter grade progress report Feedback Genie provides specific, personalized information and more opportunities to digest and reflect on feedback. 



If you're a teacher, imagine it's that dreaded time of year again when you need to write narrative evaluations.  But this time you have Feedback Genie. Hundreds of peer-reviewed comments neatly organized by grade and subject are now at your fingertips.  Instead of tediously typing every word or continually copying and pasting, you can quickly insert entire sentences with just a click. Student names are inserted appropriately and the respective pronouns are adjusted automatically. Feedback Genie also provides structure, so each narrative has a logical progression and reads naturally.  If desired, a teacher can manually revise any part of the evaluation.  Since the pre-loaded comments have already been peer-reviewed any proofreading or wordsmithing is minimal.  Before you know it, you're done! 



Whether you're composing a single paragraph as an email or printing a full-page narrative progress report, you can do it quickly, thoughtfully and effortlessly—without having to type a single word!  Discover why Feedback Genie is such a powerful authoring tool. 


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