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Beyond providing a world-class application that helps you generate fantastic narratives,

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Studies show that most teachers―even those who are credentialled―have little formal training writing report card narratives.   With dozens to write and an impending deadline, it's no wonder why writing report card narratives can be a daunting task. 


There are plenty of books and websites where teachers with loads of individual comments.   However, simply having ideas for comments, does little to provide a strategy or structure for feedback.  Second, it’s still up to the teacher to provide appropriate details.   Naturally, the teacher must ensure each idea flows smoothly from one to another.  For these reasons, writing thoughtful narratives is often tedious, time-consuming work. 


Feedback Genie puts the right comments at the teachers’ fingertips.    Each sentence can be entered with a simple click.  The student's name and the appropriate pronouns are changed automatically.   More importantly, Report Card Genie helps teachers produce thoughtful narratives about each student's academic progress and personal development in a way that's clear, comprehensive and constructive:


  • Advice on writing insightful and tactful comments

  • Examples of best practices for writing narratives

  • Tips on what to avoid in writing comments

  • Commentary on example narratives


In the near future we'll have detailed comments for every grade level and categorized by discipline.   Until then , we invite you to visit the other articles in this section if you're interested like general guidance on writing narrative feedback.

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