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We appreciate the hard work that teachers put in each and every day.

And we're helping them improve school/home communication.

Feedback is among the most powerful influences on student achievement

Of course, teachers provide in-class verbal feedback but written feedback provides better opportunities for students to pause and reflect. With the support of parents we believe more feedback about personal and academic growth helps develop skills will pay off in students' future relationships and careers.  Until now, writing narratives from scratch was a tedious, time-consuming task limiting how much teachers could share.  Feedback Genie is a game changer!


Moving beyond grades

Parents increasingly want actionable insights on how their children are performing in school. A good narrative documents a student's behaviors and actions and provides insight into how those choices might help or hinder success. Good feedback also shares a path for moving to the next level.  Unfortunately tools such as these are not yet available:

"Reports in EdTech products are often created for teachers or school leaders. They may provide individual scores for a given student as well as aggregated scores at the classroom, school, or district level....For students or parents, however, there is little to help them understand or motivate them to improve their performance."

– Dr. Katie McClarty,
Chief Academic Officer,


Limitations of grades and generic phrases

When you really think about it, grades alone are

convenient measuring tools, but they offer little insight

into specific strengths or deficiencies. Furthermore, grades provide little—if any—direction for moving forward.  


Nowadays, some reporting systems still present teachers with the option of including bulleted phrases such as

"Needs to bring materials to class" or “Frequently talks in class".   Phrases such as these yield limited benefits to students and parents because comments are often what they already know.  More importantly, generic comments seldom offer any insights or actionable steps regarding a student's understanding of subject matter.

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Commitment to research and best practices

There’s a handful of "competitors" but Feedback Genie is the only product that qualifies as a bonafide feedback solution. Why? Only Feedback Genie focuses on observable actions and behaviors which helps the teacher present feedback objectively. Our approach undergirds evaluations, supports constructive insights and provides the basis for any recommendations. Whether you're using Feedback Genie for formative or summative feedback, we’ve incorporated best practices so each narrative is clear, insightful and actionable.

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Pledge to our local communities

Feedback Genie hires talent in several states as well as abroad.  Regardless, each employee from the mail clerk to the fournder has made a commitment to improve their local community.  Some choose to read children’s books to primary grade students while others chaperone cancer-stricken patients to Universal Studios.  Others volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.

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We strive to be the very best

From the start, we designed Feedback Genie with the intention of being best in class. Feedback Genie is not only designed to create paragraphs that flow naturally, it’s the only solution based on best practices. Additionally, none of our competitors can claim to have a single patentable feature—and we have fifteen! We strive to be the best so you can help your students reach their fullest potential.

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