Feedback Genie
narrative feedback software

Education is the best predictor of success in life.  Naturally, parents want to know

how their child is doing in school and how they can help their child succeed.  Yet authoring

written feedback has always been a time-consuming and onerous task—until Feedback Genie!

Why Feedback Genie
great for teachers 

As you click on desired comments, student names are inserted appropriately and the respective pronouns are adjusted automatically. Feedback Genie also employs a classic paragraph structure so each narrative has a logical progression and reads naturally. If desired, a teacher can manually revise any part. Since the pre-loaded comments have already been peer-reviewed any proofreading or wordsmithing is minimal.

The next best thing to having your own genie

Imagine it's that dreaded time of year again when you need to write narrative evaluations.  But this time you have Feedback Genie. Thousands of peer-reviewed comments neatly organized by grade and subject are now at your fingertips. Instead of tediously typing every word or continually copying and pasting from various sources, you

can quickly insert entire sentences with just a click.

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What makes 
Feedback Genie unique

Every good piece of writing relies on structure to ensure a logical train of thought. The most classic paragraph format is the inverted pyramid—topic sentence, supporting information and a conclusion. Feedback Genie mirrors these key elements. Since our competitors generate comments that only offer evaluations (i.e topic sentences) they lack any true paragraph structure. Without a full complement of feedback elements, teachers must revert to typing their ideas or continually copy/paste text from other sources to overcome this shortcoming. These additional steps required by competitors undermine any time-saving benefits other programs offer.

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Designed to be used for any occasion

Unlike other offerings, Feedback Genie is the only solution versatile enough to be used in any situation.  Informed by best practices, it's the only product that guides teachers as they create each paragraph for formative as well as summative feedback.   You can use Feedback Genie to author feedback for:  report cards, homework, project-based learning, parent conferences, special assignments, distance learning and more!

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How Feedback Genie works 4x faster

Even when you know exactly what you're going to write for every student, you still face a lot of work when writing from scratch. You have to type every word, ensure vocabulary and grammar are both on point, sew up all subject/verb agreements, not to mention varying pronouns to keep the narrative engaging.  And, of course, you'd need to sequence your thoughts in a cogent manner.  Feedback Genie puts comments right at your fingertips so entire sentences can be added with just a click then handles all the other tasks automatically.

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Does writing narratives stress you out?

Well-constructed narratives provide terrific feedback but

authoring them from scratch can certainly take its toll.  If you

write narratives, ask yourself these questions:

    • Spending excessive hours writing narratives?
    • Struggling for words to tactfully express your thoughts?
    • Wondering if your narratives are comprehensive enough?
    • Ever wished for a faster and easier way?

If you've answered "yes" to any, Feedback Genie is the solution! 

Get Feedback Genie

If you've ever hoped for a better way, Feedback Genie is the answer. Eliminate writer’s block, reduce stress and compose narrative reports in a fraction of the time—so you can enjoy doing more of what you really want.  Discover why Feedback Genie is so amazing.

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