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Offering Teachers A Smarter Way
To Author Narrative Feedback

Use our software to create individualized feedback faster 
so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Complete narratives

3x faster


Reduce mental

and physical fatigue


Exceptional quality
from the first to the last

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If you write narratives, ask yourself these questions.  Do you:

  • Spend excessive hours writing them?

  • Struggle for new ways to tactfully express your thoughts?

  • Wonder if your narratives are comprehensive enough?

  • Ever wish for a faster and easier way?


If you've answered "yes" to any, Feedback Genie is the solution! 

Does writing narrative feedback stress you out?

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If You Think Authoring Narrative Feedback Is Challenging, You're Not Alone!

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Surveying nearly six hundred K-12 teachers, over 60 percent said they spend an excessive amount of time and become mentally fatigued when crafting narrative report cards from scratch.

Nearly 80 percent of teachers reported that providing formative feedback remotely during the Covid lockdowns was much more challenging compared to face-to-face learning. This suggests that teachers in online environments need better tools to provide the same quality of teaching.

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You Deserve To Have The Right Tools To Make Your Job Easier!

Using Feedback Genie you can


Finish Faster

Feedback Genie streamlines the process by sequencing essential feedback elements in the same way people think—saving you a TON of time!


Ensure Quality

Each paragraph has a natural, logical flow and any proofreading or editing is minimal since comments have already been pre-written and spellchecked.


Take It Easy

Feedback Genie Streamlines the feedback process so you can escape the frustration,

stress, and mental fatigue. Breeze through writing narratives for a change.


The Magical Difference

While we don't have a magic lamp, we've created the next best thing,


Feedback Genie is the only solution that offers you all four essential feedback elements:  evaluation sentences, supporting details, impact sentences and next steps.

Without all four elements, other solutions require you to continually type your thoughts to fill in the gaps—undermining any time savings they might offer. 

You'll find lots of other time-saving features too.  This is why Feedback Genie is the only platform that helps you create individualized narratives 3x faster than typing from scratch.


Ten Ways To Instantly Improve Written Feedback

Educational achievement is the best predictor 
of success in life.  Naturally, parents want to 
know how their child is doing in school and how
they can help their child succeed.  Download our free PDF to help your students maximize their success.

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FREE Download!

Here's How It Works

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Pre-order Feedback Genie

By clicking the pre-order button, you will have taken the first step towards reclaiming your time. Feedback Genie is set to launch in June 2023. You'll receive an email with instructions with a link to use our software.

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Start Using Feedback Genie During Your Next Session

Once you've signed up, you'll have all the tools needed to render written feedback three times faster than without it. And Feedback Genie can be used for homework, report cards or any situation when you need to provide written feedback.

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Take A Deep Breath And Relax

Say goodbye to long hours writing narrative feedback. Whether you teach 20 students or 120 students, you'll know that you've given them all great feedback in one-third the time.  Spend more time doing what you love.

With Feedback Genie You Can...

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Use it on nearly every computer and web browser

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Store an unlimited number of comments

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Address an unlimited number of students

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Create an unlimited number of narratives

The Choice Is Yours

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Writing Narratives From Scratch

Continually get tired and mentally fatigued as you squander valuable hours authoring each narrative.

Using Feedback Genie

Get the right tool for the job. Feedback Genie is the only solution that saves YOU a ton of time!


Feedback Genie Is The Complete Solution

  • Eliminate writer’s block

  • Create and save your own comments

  • Delete and/or modify any stored comment

  • Insert full sentences with just a mouse click

  • Auto varies pronouns for every sentence

  • Employ for formative and summative feedback

  • Use in conventional and online learning environments

  • Archive your completed narratives for future reference

  • Author individualized, comprehensive narratives 3x faster

  • Reduce stress/fatigue associated with writing narratives 

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