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  • How many comments can Feedback Genie store?
    Unlimited! There is no limit to the number of comments that you can store in Feedback Genie.
  • Can I insert and save my own comments?
    Absolutely! You can create new comments and modify existing ones to reflect your curriculum, tone, and voice.
  • Can I change the main headings (e.g. Engagement and Key Strands)?
    These are called domains and they cannot be modified. However, you CAN change the categories within the domains.
  • What makes Feedback Genie so unique?
    I’m so glad you asked! We surveyed more than 600 teachers in K-12 education. Almost 63% of teachers said they wished for a faster, more efficient way to author narratives. Over 58% of this group said they wanted a way to reduce fatigue and stress associated with the narrative writing process.
  • Isn’t it better to write student narratives by hand or typed manually so they can be individualized for each student?
    Composing each student narrative entirely from scratch is not feasible. This idea compares a teacher to a novelist writing a book from scratch. However, novels are creative works meant to entertain. By contrast, student narratives are intended to inform. They focus narrowly on the same evaluation criteria each year: Achievement Work Habits Conduct You evaluate each student against pre-determined standards and there are a finite number of outcomes possible. You can write narratives by hand if you want to. But there is a better way! Feedback Genie allows teachers to customize their student narratives utilizing thousands of pre-written comments while saving time and reducing stress. You’ll still generate exceptional quality narratives, but you’ll do it in a fraction of the time.
  • Since Feedback Genie relies on a bank of comments to generate various paragraphs, what are the chances of two students receiving the same narrative?
    As you go through and select each comment, Feedback Genie determines whether to insert that specific comment or a slight variation of the wording. This is part of the magic of the Feedback Genie program. Even if you select the same comments for a group of students, there is only a 1-in-8,000 chance that any two students would receive an identical paragraph.
  • What subjects and grade levels does Feedback Genie cover?
    Feedback Genie covers K-12 and includes comments for the major disciplines including: Math Language Arts Science Social Studies Art Technology Physical Education Music
  • What are the computer tech specs for Feedback Genie?
    Feedback Genie is a web-based solution designed for use on a desktop, laptop, or tablet. It’s supported by the following platforms and browsers: Macintosh Windows Chrome (Version 76+) Safari (Version 12+) Firefox (Version 72) Edge (Version 76+)
  • Can Feedback Genie actually help me author narratives 2x to 3x faster than typing from scratch?
    Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing. You may struggle to find the right words, or you may not be the world’s fastest typist. The rate at which Feedback Genie will help you depends on how fast of a writer you are. Overall, we find that Feedback Genie helps teachers complete narratives 2x to 3x faster than authoring them manually
  • Does Feedback Genie contain aspects of artificial intelligence (AI)?
    The simple answer to this is no. But we’re flattered that you might think so! This just shows how "on point" the software is. A great deal of time and energy went into developing Feedback Genie. We designed it so that while it is not AI, it can provide the same breadth and depth with the same natural flow--just as if you authored it from scratch!
  • Do you have questions we didn’t answer here?
    We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. And who knows, you may end up seeing your question on this page in the future!
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