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Why Feedback Genie?

Academic achievement is THE GREATEST predictor of success in life.  And parents, particularly those of younger students are increasingly wanting more information to help their child succeed—academically as well as with general life skills. 


The problem is that teachers are hamstrung from providing more written feedback because the tools at their disposal are insufficient.  As a former teacher who’s spent 15 years in the classroom, I can attest that one of the more time-consuming tasks a teacher faces every year is providing narrative feedback.  And surveying over six hundred K-12 teachers in the USA and Canada, two-thirds reported spending excessive hours and getting mentally fatigued when providing narrative feedback.


Feedback Genie streamlines this task.  It’s pre-loaded with thousands of peer-reviewed comments neatly organized by grade and subject.  And each sentence can be inserted instantly with just a mouse click.  Compared to manual typing teachers can compose more comprehensive narratives up to 4x faster while reducing stress too!  So Feedback Genie would be welcomed by teachers as well as parents.

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